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Hi Guys,

There is no excuse for not taking on the spambots earlier! SORRY !!
Alls spam has been gone.. only thing i could not fix is the current order of "latest topics".
I made sure there is no way to register on the site anymore.. so more spam!
Also means no more new members... I cannot promise that a new site will launch soon.

What i have seen is good sportsmanship on the battlefield amused
Gaming, fragging... rising from ashes comes the NRGZ and iProject platoon

FRAG ON, brothers
We will rise again

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Links: n/a

[289148] comments, latest by jwxyma642354@lv-magasin.com - 26.10.2014 - 06:36

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[4] comments, latest by EatNipples! - 04.05.2012 - 23:54
Always a good starter in the morning.. here have some Hazard Cinema!

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So what do we think of the new patch? Knowing DICE, they broke some perfectly working game mechanics..

Most annoying? SUPPRESSION has been buffed beyond human understandability.. It works like this: Be support, start random shooting, enemy is instantly suppressed (and cannot hit shit), continue the spray and pray and BE A HERO!

For more news and tweaks on the patch debacle, please read further here: http://battlelog.battl...view/2832654347952663174/

With a video to proof it:

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[1] comment, latest by THE BLACK WOLF - 01.04.2012 - 13:25
zOMG, chills on my spine... Hellmarch playing on the background!
Execellent idea to remake Red Alert 2 in BF3! n-joy! crazy amused

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[1] comment, latest by Movimento - 13.04.2012 - 12:04
Enjoying the servers/services of NRGZ?! Don't hesitate to donate some of that dirty ca$h through PAYPAL!
( More info + latest donations )

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